About Archive Downloads


For archived presentation materials, we get a slew of download requests at our public archive download site at http://spirit.as.utexas.edu/~fiso/archivelist.htm . Thousands of them every week. It is conspicuous, in these requests, that many users request multiple downloads of those materials. Three, five, even ten downloads of the same thing. Happens a lot with mp3 files. We can consider this bandwidth-malicious, but it's probably a certain degree of download cluelessness.


We respectfully ask folks to download files ONCE. If you command a download of a file, and you don't quite know what to do with it, don't just do it again and again. Get help. An mp3 file can be played in a number of applications, including probably your browser.


With regard to mp3s, The right way to go is probably NOT to stream the audio, but to download the whole file and then play it. That will make it easier to podcast the presentation anyway. Network interruptions will cause repeated full downloads while the mp3 is being streamed.


Multiple downloads of the same file is a form of website hammering. It uses up bandwidth, and slows everything down. If we see it a lot of this from your IP, we'll deny service.


Oh, we're not saying we have limited bandwidth. We've actually got plenty. We're just asking you to be thoughtful, courteous, and not be clueless.